In case you didn’t know…

I am no longer am a resident of “The house with the yellow door”, Crandale Road, Bath, Avon, UK. On September 10th I hopped on a plane which hopped across the ocean and brought me back to Boston, MA, bringing a swift end to what was a radically amazing and empowering year of my life. Yikes.

Leaving was of course super sad. I did a pretty serious amount of crying alone in my office (trust me, this is even more pathetic than it sounds) and a lot of denying that I was actually leaving the amazing community I had found. Though luckily, in between the bursts of sadness, I managed to enjoy my last days in Bath with some of my most favourite people. Let’s review the highlights.

Well for one, I finished my thesis! After so many hours of writing I was very pleased to be holding the actual printed copies in my hands. Yay research fun times!

Thesis! I imagine this is what a proud mama feels like.

With work done I had time to adventure with my favourite man named after a bird, Robin. Together we went on an 11 mile jaunt over the hills that surround Bath. There was much snacking on blackberries and gazing over the beautiful cityscape and countryside, but the highlight of out adventure was definitely sitting on top of this big hill, drinking gin and eating cake. Amazing.

Robin surveys his habitat.

Hill top picnic.

I couldn’t leave Bath without a special date night with my most lovely Helen. There was popcorn, movies, cake and many tears. It was perfect.

Joint birthday dinner.

Movies, gin and popcorn make for a very happy Helen.

And with that I left. Helen put me on the bus at 10AM and waited with the other family members as we departed, and a brief 12 hours later I was back in MA. But no worries Bath, I’ll be back. xx




About rbelisle

A bee researcher moving from Boston to Bath. Trying to make a difference in a world full of b's.
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