Preparing for the future

So in case you haven’t heard I will be departing the beautiful city of Bath and moving to the one and only Boston, MA. Well more like the Boston area…but who’s checking.

I’ve been hired as a Wyss fellow by the Wyss Institute and the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Harvard (check it out!) and start on October 1st. Woohoo! If that wasn’t awesome enough I’ll be working with one of my research role models, Prof. Joanna Aizenburg, and living in an absolutely amazing house with amazing people!

Davis square better be ready, the bee hunter is heading back to town!




About rbelisle

A bee researcher moving from Boston to Bath. Trying to make a difference in a world full of b's.
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One Response to Preparing for the future

  1. annie says:

    awesome! i’m glad you’ll be coming to boston šŸ˜€
    not surprised you found a great job – you deserve it! can’t wait to hear more and can’t wait to see you!!!!!

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