A very festive Welsh weekend

For weeks Jona has been telling me that Machynlleth is the most happening thing west side of the English border, so I decided to go and check it out for myself. Turns out Jona wasn’t bluffing, what laid in store was a jam-packed and festival-filled weekend.

After a night of frisbee and pubbing Jona and I woke up early to begin the preparations for Labyrinth festival – a celebration all things bowielicious and minotaurtastic. The day began with brunch and a screening of The Labyrinth, followed by the ultimate labyrinth themed scavenger hunt in which two epic teams vied for this amazing trophy.

To the babes with the power.

Ok, I may be a little biases as the person who made the trophy and came up with a lot of the clues….but I thought it was pretty awesome. Here are some of the highlights from team “This is a very serious matter.”

Can you survive the bog of eternal stench? Take a photo in the smelliest place in Mach.

Jump magic!

Unfortunately, despite an epic showing, my amazing team was bested. Lucky for us though, we didn’t have long to mourn our loss as Spud Fest ‘011 began immediately afterwards!

Jona celebrates his team's victory.

In a celebration of all things potato we listened to potato songs, learned educational potato facts, made a spud shrine and ate more types of potato than most people would care to. Here’s a photo of the spread.

Spud Fest '011!

The fun didn’t end there though, we spent the evening dancing the starch away to some solid motown tunes. Who knew a town of 2500 could have so much going on?


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A bee researcher moving from Boston to Bath. Trying to make a difference in a world full of b's.
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