The Belisle’s Abroad!

And moving on…my family came to visit me! That’s right, my parents used their passports for the very first time and flew right over the Atlantic to merry Ol’ England. They were even kind enough to bring a Vic with them! Splendid!

It's a Vic!

We began our trip in the one and only Londontown, ticking some of the “British visit must haves” boxes: castles, tea and royalty (and Waterhouse if you’re Vic). In a jam-packed day and a half we saw the Tate Britain, Buckingham Palace, the British Museum, Westminster, the Tower of London and much more! Not only did I run my family ragged up and down the streets of London, I managed to freak them out by taking them down little side alleys in the middle of the night. Becky Belisle: Best Tour Guide Ever.  Now accepting bookings for your next UK adventure.*

London tea time.

Who's excited to be in London?!

Post-London, we took refuge from the craziness of the city amongst the beautiful coast line and thatched cottages that make up Lyme Regis. The parents enjoyed themselves competing to find the best fossil along the coast.

Fossil hunters.

Vic had different ideas of fun.


From Lyme Regis we headed back to the Georgian city of which dreams are made (well if those dreams happen to involve learning lots about Jane Austen that is): Bath! We spent two days strolling through parks, occasionally stopping for a tea break . The family’s trip to Bath also provided an exciting opportunity for me: visiting the Roman Baths. That’s right, it only took me 9 months to go to my current hometown’s namesake. I’ve clearly been busy exploring my surroundings.

Stonehenge day trip from Bath.

From Bath we headed to Oxford, and spent a beautiful day walking around the many colleges and marveling at how old everything is. Granted, coming from a school that’s less than 15 years old I’m pretty easily impressed.

Vic fit in well at Oxford.

Sadly all good things must come to an end, and the family headed back to the US to eagerly await the approach of spring. Hopefully the lilacs here were enough to tide them over.

I love my family lots and lots. Just saying.

*high level of fitness necessary before start of tour


About rbelisle

A bee researcher moving from Boston to Bath. Trying to make a difference in a world full of b's.
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One Response to The Belisle’s Abroad!

  1. Beckers you are the best tour guide going for sure. I would more than happily be a repeat customer! Also, I love your photos and narration, I think that one of my conked out the the beach–thanks for that by the way–is my new favourite picture of me; particularly with caption. The artist hard at work, lol.

    I LOVE YOU!!!!

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