Cheesemaking 101

So this post is a long time coming, but a month or so ago I ventured into the world of amateur cheese making. It mas mildly successful, our output being one edible but not delicious lump of cheese which took 12 hours to make and cost roughly 20 GBP. The story of this event is documented below.

Our epic begins with Robin, Tim and I trying to make mozzarella to put on top of pizzas. However in out first attempt we failed more or less as soon as we started, heating up the milk to 85C instead of 85F and destroying any enzyme we could find. At least we looked serious while doing it.

heating up the curd

Before realizing all was lost the boys got serious about things, pulled up their trousers and tried to squish the curd into submission. Their efforts were to no avail.

high trouser time

The only tangible outcome of out first cheese effort was the disaster that was Robin’s kitchen.

kitchen post cheese apocalypse

In attempt two Robin and I had learned our lesson about units and got as far as having a cheese like lump.

cheese draining

Once it drained it even looked cheesey! We were very optimistic.

lump o' cheese

And low and behold our weird mass of stuff stretched! Unfortunately when all is said and done, although it looked a lot like cheese it left a lot to be desired in the taste department. At least it made for a pretty pizza?

pizza with homemade "mozzarella"

In short, I think I may leave the cheesemaking the pros.



About rbelisle

A bee researcher moving from Boston to Bath. Trying to make a difference in a world full of b's.
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4 Responses to Cheesemaking 101

  1. Victoria says:

    Cheesemaking! Becky I want to make cheese with you! if you are really into it I can teach you and the crew to do hard cheese–longer waiting time there though–or I have a quick and easy Motz recipe as well as another no way to mess up 3 ingredient (milk, citric acid, salt) soft cheese we could do!

    and congrats on Cheesing ❤

  2. Kelli Reyngoudt says:

    Hi Becky!!! I just heard through Brittany Card about your most fantastic current adventure…so now I am stalking you on line and living vicariously through your most amazing experiences since leaving SPM. I hope that you are very well. I have passed along your current wherabouts to Mr. Sturgis and Mrs. Allain and we would like to promote you as one very successful Guardian Grad on our website and such. Would that be ok with you? When you have a few minutes, drop me a line. Even better, when you return home for some duration, perhaps we could meet up for a coffee at the Sturbridge Coffee House! All the best to you and my most sincere congrats for all of your wonderful successes! Ms. Reyngoudt, your former humble college counselor!

  3. Kelli Reyngoudt says:

    P.S. My mom and I purchased a cheesemaking kit some years ago with good intentions…perhaps after reading your posting we shall sell it on ebay!

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