And we’re back

In the past month Jona has come and gone from England and I’ve gone and come back. How exciting! Having Jona here was so much fun it can best be described by a photo:

Look how happy those faces are!! It was pretty much the best ever. Let’s just say my fingers are double-crossed that he makes a speedy return to the UK.

Well Jona snuck out of here leaving me just enough time to finish up my Christmas shopping, pack and stress out about trying to leave the ice encrusted country that was the United Kingdom. With much luck and very little sleep I was able to hop across the pond and spent an absolutely rockin’ and rollin’ 10 days with my favorite Massachusetts’s residents.

There was much feasting, singing, snowing and celebrating. It was awesome but ended too soon of course, and just like that I’m back in jolly ol’ England. As well as lovely holiday memories I managed to bring back a few goodies from the US. That’s right people, I made room in my suitcase to fly canned brown bread across the Atlantic. WORTH IT! I also brought along my new chuck taylor’s (thanks to the parents!) which are now hanging out with their predecessors on my floor.

So yep, back to England and back to work. Not for long though, Fulbright Forum is next week so I’ll be leaving Bath once again to romp around England with my fellow scholars. Our agenda includes all sorts of awesome things like: touring parliament, going to the Eden Project and seeing the one and only David Hasselhoff as Captain Hook in the London production  of Peter Pan!

In short, it’s a new year which is sure to be full of unknowns and adventures, but I’ve got some blue suede shoes and am ready to bust them out. Let’s do this England.

YOUR INPUT!: So a dear friend of mine (Andrew Cote, you may have heard of him) is looking to hang out with yours truly somewhere outside of America in the springtime. He’s already done the whole living in England thing so I was thinking we should take an adventure to someplace else in the world since the places we haven’t seen are many and our desire to see new places is high. Any recommendations? My current thoughts include: Sardinia, Budapest, Greece and Egypt. Let me know what you think!



About rbelisle

A bee researcher moving from Boston to Bath. Trying to make a difference in a world full of b's.
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One Response to And we’re back

  1. andrew says:

    okay so, this may be impolite, but i would like to say that the building in the background of your picture with jona looks like a giant caterpillar. maybe this isn’t the best picture of it. but think about it the next time you see that building.

    also i still vote egypt
    and i love the songs you posted in the next entry, but you know that.

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