Turkey times

Happy belated Thanksgiving! This year Jona and I kept up our tradition of spending the holiday in a foreign country, though we mixed things up by hosting our first traditional thanksgiving meal. Taking advantage of our amazing flat in London, we invited some British friends to feast and experience the American holiday complete with Bruce Springsteen.

Now it should be noted that not only was this Jona and my’s first proper thanksgiving dinner together, but neither or us have ever cooked a turkey before and our years as vegetarians/vegans certainly hadn’t made us more prepared. Luckily technology was on our side. We were coached over video cam on the ins and outs of turkey prep by the wonderful women of West Virginia. Overcoming giblet curiosity, size limitations and inexperience that turkey was stuffed, sown, buttered and put safely in the oven.

our beautiful turkey!

Jona was very proud.

Having gotten the turkey in the oven all that remained was the small task of making all the sides, cleaning the house and setting the table before our guests arrived in an hour and half. With a bunch of hustling we finished everything, leaving us with little energy and little time to spare.

Jona eagerly awaiting our guests.

With much excitement the Brits arrived, laden down with a cake meant for 18 people. Together the five of us had a most enjoyable evening with tons of food, scrabble competitions, and an amazing 6 hours of the Boss. Rock on America.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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A bee researcher moving from Boston to Bath. Trying to make a difference in a world full of b's.
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