Playing tourist

So last weekend my roommate’s sister was here from France so we thought it appropriate to go around and play tourist in the area. On Saturday, after a good cup of tea and a train ride, we found ourselves in Cardiff, Wales and I found myself face to face with my very first castle. Now I don’t know how much Cardiff Castle counts as a real castle considering most of it was built less than 100 years ago, but there are parts of it that are quite old and almost all of it was designed by William Burges so if nothing else it looks weirdly medieval.

Burges at work in Cardiff Castle

Overall the castle was more of a cool house than anything else. I will note that our tour guide was most extraordinary.  If you are ever there totally pay the extra 2 pounds for “the premium experience,” a.k.a. a tour.

After an eventful day in Cardiff I headed over to the rugby pitch to see Bath Rugby take on Biarritz. It turns out that Bath is all about the rugby and not so much about the football so game day is something to experience.


Unfortunately Bath lost, but only by a little! Anyways, it was nice to see the Biarritz fans (all four of them old men with flags) so happy when they won.

Well I suppose that’s all for now. This weekend I am doing something even more British than attending the rugby match before having a proper Sunday roast – going to the Bath Real Ale Festival! In case you couldn’t guess the Britt’s love their ales so this is sure to be exciting.


About rbelisle

A bee researcher moving from Boston to Bath. Trying to make a difference in a world full of b's.
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