In the lab

So it turns out getting your Masters isn’t ALL running around outside, and now that I finally have material it’s time to get going on my lab work. Now, the first step of working with nest cells is to clean them (soak in water to loosen soil and gently scrape away dirt/pollen with forceps), and after several pollen-filled hours I was the proud care-taker of 39 beautiful nest cell linings. Let me introduce some of the stand outs to you:

This here is a typical Colletes halophilus nest cell lining still full of pollen/nectar provisions.

This is a (slightly blurry :/) picture of another C. halophilus nest cell but in this one the provisions were way more solid than is normal. Why??? Something to be considered.

And this one is totally nuts! I’m not sure what it is but it’s definitely not Colletes. It’s a mystery species keeping things exciting!

Aren’t they just amazing? I’ll now leave you to ponder the wonders of the bee world while I ponder what to do next with these guys. Cheers!

"maybe I should make them into a quilt?"


About rbelisle

A bee researcher moving from Boston to Bath. Trying to make a difference in a world full of b's.
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